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While self-driving tech receives the lion’s share of media attention, a host of less-heralded startups are targeting specific pieces of automotive infrastructure or components.

As startups focused on autonomous driving grab headlines, corporations are jockeying for a competitive edge in auto tech through startup acquisitions and investments, as well as partnerships and internal initiatives.

As we’ve previously discussed in analyses of startups unbundling Procter & Gamble, unbundling the bank, or even unbundling PetSmart, emerging companies often focus on tackling specific categories or verticals, rather than attacking incumbents broadly (hence the term “unbundling”).

Using CB Insights data, we identified a host of private startups that are working not only in self-driving tech and automated driver assistance but also to improve different services and products associated with the auto industry. These range from high-profile autonomous driving startups like comma.ai, backed by Andreessen Horowitz, to companies focused on enhancing more traditional elements, like auto repair and tire technology.

Tech giants like Apple and major automakers like GM are also scrambling to secure ties to adjacent verticals, most notably the ride-hailing industry, but ride-hailing and car-sharing are not included in the infographic.

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Source: Disrupting The Auto Industry: The Startups That Are Unbundling The Car

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