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Using a WordPress theme is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a high quality website. A good theme can allow you to implement all the latest design trends and get a site up the same day (5 minutes to install). Knowing the anatomy of a WordPress theme can help you get a better understanding of how a WordPress theme works.

The best thing about themes for many people is how simple and easy it makes your work. All you need is some basic knowledge to carry out complex tasks. There are many things a WordPress user can do without having any technical background at all. If you are looking for a theme, checkout out our WordPress Theme Repository. When you are theme shopping, make sure and choose a theme that has all the functionality you want built-in. 

This post goes over the different blocks and files that make up a WordPress theme – to accomplish two objectives:

  1. Give you a better understanding of how a theme is works.
  2. Help you understand how a WordPress theme generates web pages.

This article is good for anyone who wants to become more familiar with the terminology surrounding a WordPress Theme. We will look at some basics and then open up a premium theme and take a look at it.

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